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What is Active Stock Management

Active Stock Management is an international trading company, buying and selling surplus industrial goods across the globe. With twenty years of experience and a team of trained and skilled internationals, we specialize in reverse-logistics, meaning the assessing and purchasing of industrial overstock. 

What we do

Active Stock Management helps clients in a variety of industries, realize the potential of their dormant stock and we try to give it a new life where it is needed. Through the resale of unused material, we improve the cost-efficiency of our clients and help prolong the life of industrial material for new applications.

Through our extensive expertise and our vast network, we assist companies worldwide in cleaning up their warehouse and generating revenue from their unused bearings, electric motors, automation parts, pneumatics, hydraulics, spare parts or other industrial overstock.

What Active Stock Management can do for you

Sooner or later your company will almost certainly have to deal unutilized and/or excess stock. This stock may have come from a canceled order, goods which have been returned or through a model change. The products will typically be left dormant for a lengthy period before eventually being discarded. This costs your company a lot of money and resources. Active Stock Management and its services ensure that you do not have to discard obsolete stock, but are able to create revenue instead!

Quality policy

A quality policy has been implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 standard. The quality policy is available for interested parties and can be requested by sending an e-mail to

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