About ASM

ASM helps you take control of your stock. We are a long-term partner to many companies, helping them optimise their inventory by buying the excess goods they have at the perfect time - across the globe, in a way that works for them. 


Maximising your stock's potential

As a business, you’re bound to have excess materials at some point. This will cost you money and resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know that you can sell the part of the stock that isn’t generating any revenue? You can even incorporate this in your inventory strategy, selling your overstock at set intervals. Whether it’s because your projects have ended or the demand is lower than you anticipated, the stock you don’t use still has potential.

Evaluating your stock at regular intervals and selling excess materials helps you generate a healthy cashflow. Additionally, it helps your stock rotate properly.

Moving towards a circular economy, one asset at a time

We help you move towards a more sustainable business model with a more circular stock strategy. Put your stock to use before it’s too late: the goods you won’t be using can serve their purpose elsewhere and give you a better ROI. 
Moreover, many industrial products and parts are manufactured using high-value (often scarce) resources. Those shouldn't go to waste. So, enjoy your stock’s full financial potential and decrease your impact on the environment at the same time.


Solutions that work for you

We tailor our approach to your situation and needs. Our team is available to work with you – even if that means we need to cross oceans to meet you. You’ll come into contact with experts who speak your language and base their advice on the way you do business. This way, we can be a long-term partner for you, helping you use your stock’s full potential.


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Partners to rely on

We have a team of international, experienced account managers to help you. This way, you get a satisfying return on the stock you won’t be using.

Decades of experience

Our experts know exactly how to support you in your inventory management. We help you figure out the perfect time to sell your excess stock and maximise your revenue. With over 20 years of experience and industry-specific knowledge, we know how to help you – hassle-free and efficiently. 

Let's look into your stock together

Selling your excess stock is easy: just let us know when you have stock that you don't use and we will take care of the rest. Transport and all.

Meet the team

We have a team of experts ready to help you incorporate regular selling of your overstock into your inventory strategy. As a team, we speak 10 languages and we have over 20 years of experience. Together, we can make your inventory management more efficient.

Picture of Jordy Grimminck
Jordy Grimminck
General Manager ASM
Picture of João Montoya
João Montoya
Teamlead ASM
Picture of Elisa Garibaldi
Elisa Garibaldi
Account Manager
Picture of Samuel Konsalik
Samuel Konsalik
Account Manager
Picture of Daniela Schleiß
Daniela Schleiß
Account Manager
Picture of Augustas Veniukevicius
Augustas Veniukevicius
Supply Chain Specialist
Picture of Sander Heikamp
Sander Heikamp
Bid Manager

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