Sell your surplus pneumatic components

Pneumatic components are a given when your business deals with industrial machinery. Because these components need to be replaced and updated often, overstock is not a rare occurrence for businesses that rely on pneumatics. 

As experts in industrial overstock, we can buy your excess parts at the perfect time so they can generate revenue for your business.


Up to date

Industrial machines and pneumatic components require constant maintenance and replacements to avoid costly downtimes. Furthermore, industry standards and requirements are changing often. This means that it can be difficult to keep your inventory up to date. 

By selling your excess pneumatic stock, you can make room in your warehouse for products you do need. Stop worrying about outdated or sub-par parts. Sell them to ASM!



However, buying and replacing pneumatic parts can be expensive. Keeping parts when you won’t be using them will only cost you resources and space, without generating any revenue. That’s where ASM can be of help: by allowing us to buy your pneumatic overstock, you can recover some of your costs, and invest the revenue back into the business.

Some of the products we buy:

  • Air treatment products
  • Guided cylinders (actuators)
  • Linear cylinders
  • Piston rod cylinders
  • Valve blocks

Brands we generally work with:

  • Festo
  • Metal work
  • Rexroth / Aventics
  • Schunk
  • SMC Pneumatics

A partnership with ASM

Multilingual support

Wherever you are in the world, we can help you, in the language you prefer.

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Extensive experience

With over 20 years of experience, we can help you unleash the potential of your inventory.

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No surprises

Our offer is transparent. No extra fees. No commission.

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We will not disclose the details of our transaction.

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Always there for you

We offer a full service, supporting you from A to Z when you sell your goods and contribute to the circular economy.

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Sell your pneumatic components today

Do you have some overstock pneumatics parts you want to grant a second chance? Contact our experts and we’ll guide you on the way to a great ROI.

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