Circular inventory management

In a world where resources and raw materials are growing scarcer by the day, we believe we all need to contribute to a circular economy.

“A circular economy is an economic model that aims to create a closed-loop system, where resources are used efficiently and waste is minimised.” 

ASM contributes to the circular economy by buying your industrial products so they can serve their purpose elsewhere without having to be produced again.


Helping the environment and your operation

When you’re faced with overstock, you may be tempted to throw those excess goods away, which leads to waste. By selling that overstock, you can prevent waste and contribute to a circular economy. Your goods can be reused in a different company or business, which keeps it away from landfill sites. That reduces the amount of raw materials and energy needed to manufacture new products. 


Increasing a product's lifespan

Selling overstock increases a product’s lifespan beyond its original length. For example, an industrial equipment manufacturer may have excess inventory of a particular part or component that is no longer needed for their production processes. By bringing this back to the market, they can prevent waste and generate revenue, while the parts are used again to repair or upgrade the  equipment of others.

Generating revenue

Selling overstock also generates revenue for your company. When you’re faced with excess inventory, you’ve already spent a considerable amount of resources to purchase and store your products. If you leave those products until it’s too late, they will have generated nothing. But if you sell them when you realise you won’t be needing them, you can recoup some of the costs. This revenue can then be put back into the company.

Choosing sustainability

Take the lead in increasing sustainability in your industry. As resources and raw materials grow scarce and become more expensive, companies will have to look for more sustainable ways to repair or replace their equipment. Replacement parts may not always be readily available, or might become expensive. By selling your overstock or obsolete goods, you can aid in decreasing the need for new parts, and help reduce waste.

Go for sustainable inventory management today

Now you know how important your contribution to the circular economy can be. Selling overstock doesn’t just help your business, but also the planet. Contact our experts so we can find the best solution for your business.


ASM helps you take control of your stock. We are a long-term partner to many companies, helping them optimise their inventory by buying the surplus goods they have at the perfect time - across the globe, in a way that works for them.

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