Beverage company turns stock into cash

Active Stock Management (ASM) was approached by a leading global beverage company to help them get rid of excess inventory. These new spare parts were just gathering dust the past five to ten years.

He called upon ASM to help him do it. ASM’s purchaser was responsible for reducing inventory in these specific product groups: bearings, electric motors, gear reducers, PLCs, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation. The parts were spread over 17 different plants worldwide.

It was up to ASM to carry out the survey and come up with an offer. Our purchaser inspected the available stock and evaluated the parts according to brand, age, condition and product category. An offer was made and the deal was successfully finalised. ASM also calculated the volume of the cargo, and made preparations for packing and transporting the equipment to ASM’s central warehouse in the Netherlands. Since ASM’s purchase service is free of charge, all visits, preparation, inspections and transport were ‘part of the deal’.

SACMI benefits from quick project

After submitting a list of obsolete commercial materials to ASM, SACMI were content with the professionalism and speed ASM demonstrated in finalizing a deal within a couple of weeks.

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Major British manufacturer sells surplus to ASM

The surplus spare parts of a large international manufacturer for the Energy, Healthcare and Industry sectors were sold to Active Stock Management. This gave our customer extra financial resources and warehouse space for its new projects.

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