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Major British manufacturer sells surplus to ASM

The surplus spare parts of a large international manufacturer for the Energy, Healthcare and Industry sectors were sold to Active Stock Management. This gave our customer extra financial resources and warehouse space for its new projects.


Active Stock Management came into contact with the company’s headquarters in England, which indicated that it had inactive stock of various spare parts. At the time there was no clear overview of the size and quantity of the surplus stock. Our UK purchaser therefore visited several plants in order to evaluate the surplus. After our purchaser determined the value of the surplus stock we presented a proposal for the complete overstock.

When an agreement was reached, Active Stock Management took care of the complete handling, including the coordination of the transport from the various sites to our central warehouse in The Netherlands. Here, the items were stored and are now offered to our international network. What was once surplus stock for this OEM is now valuable new stock for many of our customers.

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